Social Events



In this AESOP Congress there will be three social events: the Welcome Reception (evening of Tuesday 11th); the Sunset Party on the beach (Thursday, July 13th); the Exhibition of KLAUS R. KUNZMANN's drawings at IST. 

The Welcome Reception will have free access for all those regularly registered. Access to the Sunset party requires specific registration. Please see Fee’s & Registration and click here to see map.



WELCOME RECEPTION  (GPS: 38.75859, -9.15626)

Palacio Pimenta banner

The Welcome Reception will takes place at Pimenta Palace where is located the Museum of the City (Museu da Cidade), very close to the Metro station "Campo Grande" (Metro yellow line).








SUNSET PARTY (GPS: 38.60152, -9.20928)

social event sunset party

Lisbon is surrounded by an extensive coastline with beautiful beaches. In July, the glamorous sunlight invites us to a casual and inspiring get together, enjoying the overwhelming Ocean landscape.

Be prepared. Bring your swim gear and join us for dinner.

Limited space available. Register as soon as possible. Do not miss it!






Alameda Campus – Central Building, 11-14th July

Beyond the Tourist Gaze

Klaus Kunzmann

The exhibition shows drawings, which I made in China (Beijing, Haikou, Qingdao) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) during 1990 and 2017. The drawings were made on the spot when exploring the cities beyond the tourist gaze. They do not present the usual postcard views of Asian cities. They deliberately show modern buildings, construction sites and cast iron covers, streetscapes that caught my eyes.