Roundtables Timetable


During the Lisbon Congress groups of participants are invited to organize Roundtables. For this purpose, a shared time slot with the editorial board meetings is reserved: this will be the morning of the last day of the Congress (July 14th, Friday). 


We can announce, for now, the following list of Roundtables, and respective chairs and speakers.






RT1 Bridging the gap between academics and practitioners on research and understanding practice Heather Campbell Andy Inch; Luca Bertolini; Michael Harris
RT2 Taking stock: Does the place-based approach make a difference for EU regional policy? Estelle Evrard
Franziska Sieker
Ilona Raugze; Nathalie Verschelde; Peter Schmitt;Tobias Chilla
RT3 Trandisciplinary Research: An Adequate Methodological Approach for Spatial Planning Studies? Thomas Weith Nadin Gaasch; Jana Zscheischler
RT4 The Planning Legacy of Mega Events during/after the World Crisis Stefano Di VIta
Mark Wilson
Alessandro Balducci; Paulo Tormenta Pinto; Mike Raco; Mark Wilson
RT5 Does it make a difference: (Ex)politicians with a background in planning? Louis Albrechts Alessandro Balducci; Angela Barbanente; Artur da Rosa Pires; Jim Throgmorton
RT6 Serious games for Urban Plannig: just a hype or the magic bullet? Katharina Gugerell Alenka Poplin; Oswald Devisch; (Others to be confirmed)
RT7 Institutions in Action Willem Salet Heather Campbell; Jonathan Metzger; Patsy Healey; Stefano Moroni; Others to be confirmed)
RT8 Transformative Knowledge for an era of Planetary Urbanization Simone Tulumello Anais de Keijser; Andy Inch; Benjamin Davy; Francesco Lo Piccolo
RT9 Public Spaces and Urban Justice Ceren Sezer
Matej Niksic
Betty Chang; Burak Civelek; Chrisstine Mady; Eva Schwab
RT10 Informal and Illegal: Discussing the boundaries and challenges of non-compliant development in OECD Inês Calor
Paulo Silva
Rachelle Alterman
Adam Sheppard; Konstantinos Lalenis; Magda Wagner
RT11 Rural - urban dialogues Carlos Pina
Maria Rosário Partidário
Fernanda do Carmo; Karlheinz Knickel; Nick Gallent
RT12 Trends in European Spatial Planning Systems and linkages between them and EU policies Andreas Faludi Eduarda Marques da Costa; Karina Pallagst; Laila Kule; Vincent Nadin; Zorica Nedovic-Budic
RT13 Information Communication Technology in planning and design Michele Campagna Ana Clara Mourão Moura; Elisabete Silva; Jennifer Evans-Cowley; Zorica Nedovic-Budic
RT14 Planning a Future in Planning Research AESOP Young Academy  
RT15 Planning Urban Waterfronts for the 21st Century: Past, Present, Future Carola Hein
Dirk Schubert
Pedro Ressano Garcia
Jose Sanchez; Michael Hebbert; Piotr Lorens
RT16 An Integrated Research Agenda for Smart Food District. Discussing the cases of Lisbon and Amsterdam. Dirk Wascher
Jorge Cancela
Jan-Eelco Jansma; Maria João Estorninho; Rosário Oliveira; Samuel Niza
RT17 Towards a Politics of Space Ester Limonad
Rainer Randolph
Ana Fani Alessandri Carlos; Geraldo Magela Costa; Roberto Luis Monte-Mór
RT18 Explaining the Planning Theory-Practice Gap: A Critical Review of Planning Theories Ernest Alexander Michael Gunder; Stefano Moroni; Tore Sager
RT19 The changing role of universities in place-based leadership Robin Hambleton Sandro Balducci; Mark Shucksmith
RT20 Vulnerability Analysis in Planning Education Kalliopi Sapountzaki
Richard Sliuzas
Murat Balamir; Adriana Galderisi; Stefan Greiving; Andrea Frank;
Scira Menoni; Seda Kundak; John Daskalakis;
RT21 City Unsilenced - Public Space and urban democracy on trial Sabine Knierbein
Nikolai Roskamm

Elina Kränzle; Marcus Owens
RT22 Reflections on emergent pedagogy in urban design Elisabete Cidre Georgia Butina Watson; Rachel Kallus; Sara Sucena Garcia; Ali Madanipour; Laura Novo de Azevedo; Michael Neuman; Taner Oc.
RT23 European urban sustainability moving forward with dialogue on food planning Pedro Bizzaro
Marketa Braine-Supkova
Wayne Roberts; Florence Egal; Delphine Gaudart; Daniel Wathelet
RT24 Engendering Cities. Designing Sustainable Urban Spaces for All Inés Sánchez de Madariaga Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado; Clara Greed; Michael Neuman
RT25 The Impacts of Airbnb in European Cities Andreia Fidalgo Albert Eefting; Ida Bigum; Lars Pico Geerdsen; João Teixeira