Oral Instructions


If you are a PRESENTER at Lisbon AESOP conference you should pay attention to this:

1) Each presenter should arrive at the designated room 10min before the start of the session

2) All presenters should bring a digital copy of their presentation in a flash drive

3) MAC users should bring the presentation in a PPS file format

In each session room, a Desktop windows computer without sound or internet access and a data show projector will be available.

Each presentation should take no more than 12 minutes.


If you are a CHAIR and you are going to coordinate the session, please ensure that you are in the session room 10 minutes before starting time. Two young “Ask me” will be there to give you any help you may need. All the presentations have to be placed in the Desktop Computer that will be in each room. All the sessions have a timeslot of 1h 45m or 105 min. The amount of presentations per session varies, in general ranging from 4 to 6. Please try to allocate equally the time amongst all presenters. You will have 2 cards available to inform presenters: a yellow card [5 min] and a red card [1 min]. Please be strict concerning the time available. Reserve always at least 10-15 minutes to promote discussion amongst participants.



Have you all a good session.

The LOC team.