Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território

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IGOT is the largest school and a reference for Geography and Planning in the Portuguese Universities. IGOT is a leading institution in geographical research and teaching developing diverse projects, either coordinated by its professors and researchers or in partnership with others, which include in their teams many PhD and Master students as well as young undergraduates who benefit from the applied research, very often working closely with policy makers both at the municipal and central level. The international reputation of the IGOT professors and researchers is furthermore highlighted by a number of invitations for visiting professors at other institutions; present lectures at leading institutions, keynote speakers at international conferences and memberships of editorial boards and boards of directors.

IGOT comprises the Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG), the most important center of R&D within the Portuguese Geography and rated internationally as a center of excellence.CEG is a reference in research and in the dissemination of geographical knowledge in Portugal, namely in: Regional and Urban Planning, Evaluation of Public Policy, Regional and Local Development, Migration Studies; GIS and information Technologies, Human and Regional Geography, Physical Geography, Risks and Environmental Impacts and Regional, Tourism, and Historical Geography.