Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa

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The Faculty of Architecture (FAUL) (http://www.fa.ulisboa.ptis part of the University of Lisbon. As a school of architecture it is the oldest Portuguese institution, its origins going back to the “Paços da Ribeira” Civil Architecture Course, established in 1594. After the 1755 Lisbon earthquake was named “Aula do Risco”. In 1836 became Beaux Arts Royal Academy and in 1881 the High School of Beaux Arts.

The FAUL provides degrees at the three different cycles – first (diploma), second (masters) and third (PhD) in Architecture, Urbanism and Design, besides a few specialisation and postgraduate courses. The FAUL is different from other national schools in the sense that is a school of Arts and Humanities teaching professionals working in the areas of architecture, urban planning and design including fashion, communication and product design. It also offers non-degree programmes which provide further training for professionals who wish to extend their knowledge. This broad training offer makes the FAUL the largest and most diversified school in the country in its areas of expertise, with approximately 3,000 students. Within the architecture programme the FAUL offers a specialisation in urbanism and since 1990 a PhD Programme in Urbanism.

Applied research is also a main activity at the FAUL centred at CIAUD – Research Centre in Architecture, Urbanism and Design (http://ciaud.fa.ulisboa.pt), a research centre rated “Excelent” in 2008 by the national research institution, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). The FA hosts the Academy of the Portuguese speaking Schools of Architecture and Urbanism (AEAULP) (http://aeaulp.com) a well established network in Portugal, Brazil and Africa.