sponsor aesop almada camara municipalAlmada, an attraction for tourism, small industries, education, RI&D and technology, dynamic in leisure-time activities and culture...

Almada is located in a privileged position with regard to the infrastructure networks that connect the territory to the national and international markets with all modes of transport: road, rail, sea and airports.

We have 35 Km of continuous riverfront, along a coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Tagus River The River…10 Km of riparian belt with expansive viewpoint overlooking the Tagus and Lisbon and a thousand-year-old history with the river, from Margueira to Trafaria, where the Tagus flows into the sea, this amazing riverfront beholds memories of the municipality’s industrial past and a unique cultural heritage. the SEA... 13 Km of the best beaches in Portugal with pristine waters, fine white sand and the Caparica Sun. The Municipality is ranked 3rd in the country for having the largest number of beaches that have been awarded the Gold Flag (Bandeira de Ouro) and with 2 Beaches officially listed as nature reserves – Praia da Bela Vista and Praia da Adiça.

Almada is a municipality with an intense cultural life, that renowned internationally a Strong associative dynamics, with deep tradition in creative and artistic areas.

Almada is waiting for you…



sponsor aesop lisboa camara municipalGetting the feel of a city involves a mixture of observation and experience that only come when we allow ourselves to be drawn into its daily life and discover its smells, sounds, voices, lanes and hidden corners...

In Lisboa, the RIver Tagus is never far away as we explore the history-laden streets of a city that constantly confronts us with its past, as the decorative cobble pavements lead us up from the Praça do Comércio through the 18th century Lower Town to St. George's Castle.

From the Castle, we can enjoy unparalleled views of the south bank, Rossio, the Carmo Convent, the Bairro Alto, the Avenida da Liberdade and Parque Eduardo VII, Nossa Senhora do Monte and the Mount of Graça. It could be for all the world a picture postcard of Lisboa under a perpetually blue sky, reflecting the varied colours of the roofs, streets, old houses, window frames and green spaces, offset by the glittering stream of the Tagus!


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