7. Dialogues in diverse, inclusive, and multicultural cities

The track welcomes papers that offer case studies, research methods and theoretical approaches that reflect, from a variety of perspectives, on dialogues in planning on inclusive and multicultural cities. European cities are shaped in era of rapid growth and urbanisation post WWII, now face vast challenges of major social, economic, political and migratory change. Diversity within cities calls for cohesion, as promoted by the ECTP ‘New Athens Charter’ for inclusive and just cities, including gender dimensions. As there is great diversity between cities, there is diversity in approaches to deal with these complex challenges. Diversity in size, landscape, social structure, religion and wealth, and diversity in political culture, governance and adoption of technology produces a variety of strategies. The track wishes to focus on the contribution of urban policies and planning on local and regional dialogue between stakeholders with different interests, different rationalities, different cultures (both traditional and alternative), and different moral points of view. The track also welcomes papers on the contribution of planning to national and transnational dialogues, as well as contribution to the discourse on values and ethics in planning and on justice.