Isabel Loupa Ramos - Biography


Isabel Loupa Ramos is an assistant professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geo-resources at the University of Lisbon where she teaches courses across a range of fields within the landscape, ecology and urban planning domain. She is trained as a Landscape Architect, holds a master in Human Geography and a PhD in Environmental Engineering. Her research interests are at the interface between social and ecological systems using a landscape perspective – preferences, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours, identity, as well as, stakeholder expectations towards the future based on scenario studies. She has focused her research on the integration of these concepts into spatial planning. In the nineties she carried out her research activities at the National Center for Geographic Information. Nowadays at CERIS/CESUR where she has been involved in projects that aimed landscape planning in urban and periurban areas. She also develops consultant work in Municipal and Urban master plans working on green infrastructure planning and landscape character assessment. In the past she worked for the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture, where she coordinated the introduction on BMPs in Portuguese agriculture responding to cross-compliance in the context of the CAP. She is a founding member and currently Executive Committee Member of the European Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE-Europe).