Paulo Silva - Biography


Paulo Silva is an architect and holds a MSc degree on human geography and regional and local planning and a PhD degree on environmental applied sciences. Works at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, as assistant professor (at the Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences) and as researcher (at the research units of Competitiveness, Governance and Public Policies (GOVCOPP) and Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture (ID+)). Teaches at the university for two decades and his research work on urban policies and relations between planning institutions and citizens has been published in international journals and books. He has consultancy and expertise experience for almost three decades on spatial planning at the local, metropolitan and national level. He is involved in the Planning and Complexity thematic group of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) since 2011 and coordinates the AESOP thematic group on New Technologies and Planning; he was one of the Portuguese members of the AESOP Council of Representatives (during 2014-2016). He is also member of the direction of APPLA (Portuguese association of planners).