Jorge Baptista e Silva - Biography


Jorge Batista e Silva was born in 1960 and is graduated in Civil Engineering (1985) at IST (Instituto Superior Técnico) and joined its Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources in 1987 where is has worked ever since. He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (1999) and MSc in Urban and Regional Planning (1990). He is Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher at CESUR (Centre of Urban and Regional Systems) and has over 28 year’s professional experience in the area of Urban and Regional Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring. Since 1988 he is being working in private consultancy activities, with municipalities or with urban design and planning companies. During 1988-2007 was member of the local planning team responsible to make and implement the Almada Municipal Master Plan and participated in many other planning activities related with local urban plans and urban studies. He was member of the Commission to supervise and evaluate proposals to the International Public Context for the Metro Line of South-Tagus (coordinated by the Portuguese government (2000-2002). During 2007-2011 was member of the board of directors of IMTT - the Institute of Mobility and Inland Transportation – a central administration body from the Ministry of Transportation, acting as President in the last six months of that period. Research interests and teaching activities range from urban and regional planning, Urban Development projects and land use plans, urban infrastructures, public space, mobility, road network, accessibilities and plans evaluation and monitoring. He has been involved in research projects about plans’ monitoring, evaluation of plans, evaluation of urban watercourses rehabilitation, city-river relationships, periurban typologies and public space systems. He has being teaching in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Spatial Planning and Urbanism Master Graduation Courses. ( ).